Friday, November 20, 2015

A Time of Transition

As you will notice if you browse through this website some things are starting to reflect our new name - Leaders: - and some Extend material is still up, so nothing really matches. Don't panic! It won't be like that forever, hopefully it won't be like that for long at all! We're in the middle of transitioning a lot of things in our ministry so that we can be more strategic in how we train and equip leaders to make disciples of Jesus and lead them in planting new churches throughout Québec.

So keep checking back and we think you'll like where we're going. And if you are financially supporting us, don't change anything, we'll be in touch soon with any new information you'll need for your donations to be handled expediently. Thanks for your patience and heart for what God is doing here in Québec!

We helped sponsor the church planting congress 
which was in Montréal the last week of October.

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