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The Leaders: church planting residency was born out of the desire of one church to make a contribution to the greater work that God is doing in the province of Quebec in our day. It is in keeping with the vision shared by many Quebec churches, that we would see God literally transform our province from one of the least gospel-impacted places in North America to one of the most in a single generation. We are convinced that this vision will be realized through the planting of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of new churches which are each focused on the gospel and the mission of multiplying disciples and gospel-centered churches.

In order for healthy churches to be established that are firmly committed to the gospel and mission of Jesus, we must first train those who will plant and lead these churches. We believe that the responsibility for this mission and its requisite training resides in the local church. It is our great privilege to be able to offer a very strategic program through which leaders will be prepared for this momentous task and we are excited to be able to currently offer our residence based training in French and English in Montreal, Sherbrooke, and Magog.

We invite you to become familiar with the Leaders: church planting residency and our approach to training. Our hope is that you will be encouraged by the opportunities we have to equip the leaders with whom we will launch many, many new churches for the sake of seeing Quebec transformed by the gospel to the glory of God!

Do you sense that God may be calling you to plant a church in Quebec?

Has God given you resources that you could invest in this strategic disciple making venture? Click on the "How to support" tab above.

Thank you for your interest in transforming Quebec with the good news of Jesus!

Michael Gockley


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