Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our Financial Reality

Many of you have been wondering where we stand financially, so here is a quick look. We really appreciate your prayer and investment in this mission.

1. At this point in time I am only able to lead the Extend church planting residency with financial support from the church outside of Québec. While we are working toward a more economically sustainable solution in the long run, it will be several years until that is in place.

2. We moved to Montréal in August and began working intensely on the curriculum for Extend so we could train men sooner and begin planting churches even faster. Ideally for us, I would have raised all of our funds prior to moving, but we believed that God would provide what we needed to get us started and he has. 

3. In order to meet our budget we need an additional $2900 per month. That's 5 commitments of $200/month, 10 at $100/month, and 18 at $50/month.

4. The faster we can raise the finances, the more time and energy I can pour into improving my French and developing more training material. There are so many opportunties I will be able to take advantage of every week once I'm able to speak the language better.

Will you pray and ask God how he could use you to help meet this need?

We will continue to contact friends as fast as we are able in order to find out how God is leading through this, but it will be a great encouragement to us if you contact us first.

Some other tangible ways to get involved include giving a year-end gift to help cover costs until our monthly income is at 100% and asking your friends specifically if they would consider investing in this mission with us. If it is important to you it may very well be of interest to them.

Night view outside our office on Rue Notre Dame Ouest

Monday, December 1, 2014

December News

We are excited to announce that the Extend church planting residency now has an official curriculum in place. While Michael actually began working with the guys in September, much of his time has gone into developing the curriculum that they will use for the remainder of their formal training.  He's now finished the Residency Guide which lays out all the philosophy and coursework for the church planter training. You can access it here if you'd like to take a look and learn more about what we're training guys to do.

In other news...we are going to try a new approach to sharing updates about our family and mission. We will be posting shorter updates more regularly on the website and/or the Extend the Gospel facebook page instead of the traditional newsletter. These updates will be sent out via the mailchimp application to all those who have already been receiving our newsletters. If you'd like to be added to this list please send us an email at

As you look through the Extend guide please take a moment to give thanks with us for all those who are giving financially to make this training possible. It's amazing to be part of what God's doing here in Québec!